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    By OKTeacher

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    I subbed before finally getting a teaching job 2 years ago. It is hard work and I appreciate the job subs do. I prefer they not grade my papers. I prefer to do that so that it is done my way. When I was subbing, I never had time to grade papers. But where I am, we only get one 40 minute planning time per day and that is the time for restroom breaks, etc.

    I just want a sub to keep my students busy and quiet. I want to come back to a neat, clean room and find a note letting me know how things went and who misbehaved. I always overplan, so I really don't expect all the work to get done. As long as they attempt to get the work done, I am not upset if they don't get through it all. I've had subs before who brought their own things (coloring sheets or word searches) and had the kids do those instead of the work I left. I don't think that is appropriate. Other than that, I'm not too picky.

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