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    A good sub
    By Newbie

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    I haven't been teaching that long, but I've had a few subs, and I've subbed some myself. What I think makes a good sub:

    - I personally would rather a sub not grade my papers because chances are it won't be done the way I want. A spelling test, maybe, but reading, history, English, etc. can be tricky.

    - My room is clean when I return. I have come back to find chairs all over the room and wads of paper everywhere, along with students' belongings left on shelves. It sure is a rough start to my day when I come back from being gone and already have a ton to do and then have to clean up my room also.

    - If students misbehaved, I need to know what they did, not just a list of names. Chances are if I ask the students, I'll get many different stories.

    - If plans aren't followed, I need to know what happened. Was it difficult? Not enough time? Don't just say you didn't do it.

    - The students are not allowed to do as they please. I have had subs before and been told by other teachers that they could hear my class down the hallway. This should not happen, and it won't happen if the students know they can't get away with it.

    - Short notes about anything noteworthy should be left. For example, was someone absent? Was there an argument between students? Did students have problems with a particular assignment?

    I know that subbing is hard, and we appreciate all that you do!

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