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    By triana00

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    * The sub follows my plans. If they aren't completed, I want a note explaining why. I realize stuff comes up, or takes longer, but I want to know why. Don't just tell me "we didn't do spelling, grammar, or math"--b/c of course, I am quite confused as to what you DID do!

    * The sub kept the kids under control. I realize they don't act the same, but I shouldn't have a note that the kids were writing on the board, rolling around on the carpet, and hiding under their desks (yes, I got that note this year--and I have a GOOD class!)

    * Papers are checked--if possible. If I have two planning periods, I expect that last night's homework was checked, and any morning work is checked. If I gave a test, and left an explanation of how to check it and grade it, that should be done too. On days when I only have one planning period early in the day, I don't have the same expectations.

    I was out last week, came back to a very nice note about my class, all of my plans were done, with short notes regarding what happened in each subject. The homework was checked and passed back, the tests were checked, graded, and stickers were put on them, AND they were put in alphabetical order for me---THAT was a good sub! :D

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