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    planet sizes
    By Tounces

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    You could have them make models from playdough or clay.
    Here is a scale they might be able to draw them first.
    I'm not sure what kinds objects might match these sizes. Maybe marbles, ping-pong balls, tennis ball, basketball, beachball for some of them?

    Name Diameter Radius
    Mercury 1 1/2
    Venus 3 1 1/2
    Earth 3 1 1/2
    Mars 1 1/2 3/4
    Jupiter 33 1/2 16 3/4
    Saturn 28 1/2 14 1/4
    Uranus 12 6
    Neptune 11 1/2 5 3/4
    Pluto 1/2 1/4

    I haven't done this before. I have used different colors of playdough for a model of Earth's layers. Start with one color ball for the inside core. Keep wrapping a different color over it for the different layers. The outer layer was blue and green. At the end, they cut the Earth in two and it shows the layers. I had posters to match.

    Good luck on your observation! Mine is next Wednesday (Reading).

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