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    By hescollin

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    BOOK REPORT IDEAS We send this list home to parents the first day of school. And have extra copies for parent conference, because one or two will ask for another copy. Have it ready to hand to them at that time.
    1. Make a book jacket depicting the characters, setting and theme of your book. Put a short summary on the inside flap.
    2. Use photographs and captions to make a family album or scrapbook.
    3. Make a home movie or filmstrip.
    4. Make a comic strip.
    5. Make a colorful illustrated time line or map for historical books.
    6. Construct a mobile
    7. Construct a diorama
    8. Design a set of T-shirts to suit the characters.
    9. Make a clay, soap, wood, or plaster models.
    10. Make a collection or keepsake box of souvenirs from the story.
    11. Make a mural
    12. Give a flannel board talk
    13. Make a bulletin board
    14. Construct a jigsaw puzzle based on the book
    15. Design a coloring book around the characters and events.
    16. Make a board game
    17. Make a series (3 or more) of bookmarks representing your book
    18. Make a word search or crossword puzzle
    19. Make a wanted poster for an appropriate character.
    20. Make a family tree.
    21. Write a book review
    22. Write a movie script for part of the book
    23. Write a different ending
    24. Write a letter to a friend to recommend the book
    25. Write a letter to the author of a favorite book. If possible, mail the letter to the author in care of the publisher. Wait for an exciting reply.
    26. Write a letter to the editor of one of the many juvenile magazines about your favorite book. You might be lucky enough to get it published!
    27. Think up a new adventure, incident or experience to add to the book.
    28. Make a newspaper. Include events that could have occurred when and where the story took place.
    29. Develop a dictionary for a character in the book. It should include words that he or she particularly liked to use as well as definitions that character would have given the words.
    30. Write lost and found columns for objects and people in the book
    31. Write a series of letters or postcards from one character to another.
    32. Write a series of "Dear Abby" letters from characters. Answer with your advice.
    33. Write several diary entries for the main characters.
    34. Make a test (with answer key for the other students to take)
    35. Conduct an interview between the author and characters, between you and a character, or between two characters.
    36. Make a nomination speech for your book for either the Caldecott or Newbery Award.
    37. Dress as one the characters and tell about yourself or tell about the other characters from your point of view. Be the voice of your character!
    38. Produce a quiz show involving several students who have read the same book.
    39. Give a video presentation of the book
    40. Create a puppet show using stick, finger, glove or hand puppets
    41. Hold a panel discussion or debate when several students have read the same book
    42. Retell the story to a group of younger children
    43. Make a movie of your book using a series of 10 pictures. Attach to paper towel rolls. Tell the story as you show the pictures.
    44. Dress dolls to show characters from your book
    45. Act out the story: several students read the same story and work together
    46 Give an oral summary of the book
    47 Compare two books on the same subject: two books on different subjects; or two books by the same author
    48. Share books about how to make or do things either by oral demonstrations or written directions.
    49. Give a sales talk. Act as a salesman trying to convince the class to read the book
    50. Find information on the author to share with the class
    51. Write a short story about what you would have done if you were one of the characters in the story.
    52. Share books of poetry by:
    ---------Choral reading
    ---------Writing a poem of your own
    ---------Acting out poetry
    ---------Accompanying the poem with various rhythmic activities
    ---------Setting a verse to music
    ---------Adding additional stanzas to your favorite poems.
    *favorite part
    *2 likes, 2 dislikes
    *character web
    *setting illustration w/ a sentence
    *sequencing - first, next, last; first, then, next, after
    This site has over 100 book report ideas……

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