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    My favorite sound activity
    By Suezie

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    You need: 1 metal clothes hanger (no plastic coating), two pieces of string about 2 to 3 feet long, pencil

    Tie a loop at the end of each piece of string large enough for an index finger to fit in to

    Tie the other end of each string to the bottom corners of the metal clothes hanger.

    Put an index finger in each loop and suspend the clothes hanger above the floor (yes, the clothes hanger is now up-side-down)

    Have a partner tap the clothes hanger once with a pencil. Note the sound.

    With the loops still on the index fingers, put your fingers in your ears. The clothes hanger should still be suspended above the ground.

    Have the partner tap the clothes hanger again. Note the difference in sound. I love the expression on the children's faces.

    (the lesson? -- Sound travels thru solid objects very well!!!)

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