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    Boston Tea Party
    By musicbug

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    You did not say what grade you are teaching. Here are 2 different approaches and a closing idea that might help.
    If this just a Social Studies class. Invite the kids to a Sons of Liberty meeting, where you go over the problems the colonists were having with England. Guide the children into the plan of dumping the tea complete with the vote. My first year teaching this lesson I was a student teacher, I even made invitations that I wrote out on brown paper and wax sealed the notes. I put all the notes in the desks before the kids came in and kept them in suspense all day. ( I don't have the time to do that anymore.)
    If you are intergrating, this is a point of view lesson. Read What led to the Revolution? From If You Lived During the Time of The American Revolution. Then read from Can't You Make Then Behave,King George? just section on the Boston Tea party. Each is about 2 pages with illustrations.Then we discuss the two positions.
    In either case a way to get them to remember the tea party is to play them No More Kings from The Schoolhouse rock sereies of dvds or cds. Give then a copy of the words to follow along. I've worn out my copy of the video.
    Hope this helps.:)

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