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    First Student Teaching
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Welcome to your first teaching experience!!!:)

    Usually with your first practicum you spend more time observing than teaching. Come prepared with any materials your college or university gives you. Have a notebook for making notes.

    As far as dress - just dress nicely (you can wear pants and a top or dresses or skirts) - stay away from jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, jerseys, etc. Once you are in the school for a few days and have observed what the other teachers are wearing you can adjust your wardrobe. Whatever you where - make sure it is comfortable.

    Bring a lunch - money in case you need to pay for anything like coffee, water, clothes for outside in case you are on supervision, a pen or two.

    You may take part in the reading as well depending on what they do in that class. It may be different types of reading to build on reading comprehension.

    If your prepracticum is at least a week long or longer - also see if you can visit some of the other classrooms for one afternoon. It is interesting to just go in and see what the other classes are doing.

    Bring a camera and ask permission to take pictures of displays, desk set-ups, etc., so you can have visual reminders of how the classroom looked, etc., that you may be able to use later in your own classroom.

    RELAX, your cooperating teacher knows this is your first "real" experience and they should have guidelines as well. If you have done your observing of a lesson and have done whatever assignment your education class needs you to do; ask your cooperating teacher if you can assist with students, help mark books, put up a display, etc.,

    What to look for
    - watch how your cooperating teacher handles her lesson
    - how does she begin the lesson
    - how does she do the transition from lesson to work
    - how is the lesson closed
    - watch for classroom management techniques and styles
    - watch how students interact and how they react to the teacher as well
    - watch how transition times are handled
    - look for interesting things happening in the school and make notes

    And have fun!!!!:D

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