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    By bamateach

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    We are doing a make and take ornament craft booth.
    Other ideas: Collect stuffed animals (kids can donate these by the arm loads). Put them in a pile in the center of the room. Place chairs in a circle around the stuffed animals. put numbers under the chairs. Play music for a minute. Have kids sit. Draw a number. Winner picks a stuffed animal.
    Bingo for kids
    Auction - Have children/parents bid on items (This is something we do as a school not individual teachers. It is always very successful. Area businesses donate things for this also teachers donate things like teacher helper, Principal for a day, V.P. for a day, Custodian for a day, etc... You could be creative and do this on a smaller scale. Ex: Teacher Assistant, No homework for a week pass, extra freeplay, Librarian assisitant, pricipal for a day, etc... Let children/parents bid on these things. Last year I myself paid $20 to let my daughter help in the Library all day.
    Fishing - clothes pin on te end of a line. Toss over a wall have someone back there to clip a prize to it.
    Cup toss (set up 3 cups and toss a bean bag at them
    I hope this is helpful. If I think of anything else I will post again. :)

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