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    To Karine
    By Cathy-Dee

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    You'll love first grade, they are so much fun. Be prepared for a wide variety in learners - I usually have 2 or 3 who are reading well above first grade and then there are those who still don't know all the letters. But they all want to learn. The nice part of first grade is you do not have to plan totally different to meet all the needs, most of the things you do can be easily modified to stretch those top students and still allow those lower students to keep up. I often had my top students do all the reading of instructions, etc., they loved this.

    For the one on one testing I mentioned, - all I did was type up the letters on a sheet of paper - I made sure they were mixed up. Upper case on the top and lower case on the bottom half. Then I used two colours of ink. I'd check first the letter names and circle in blue the ones they did not know. Then I'd check the sounds and circle in red the ones they did not know.
    This made it easy for me to keep track. Those who knew most or all, I didn't retest. Those who had troubles I would retest in late November and sometimes again in late January or February just to see how they were progressing.

    I also made a math assessment with numbers to 20 and number words to 10 and again just circled which they missed.

    For colour words I had a sheet with the 10 colour words we were learning and then I gave them the crayons to colour in the right colours. This is a good test for a parent to help out with.

    I also later on in the year - usually at the beginning of November and then again at the end of January test them on their sight words.

    If you have questions on any of this or new questions this fall please feel free to email me.

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