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    Needy Child
    By AmyK

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    In our school we began a special little program just for kids like this! Kids that ARE NOT sped kids (and thus getting special services already)
    but the kids who are often overlooked, or don't fit in sped for some reason. We call it Job Corps, and teachers agree to "take on" a student helper who has the responsibility of "doing" what that teacher or adults needs done,usually on a daily basis. This provides for the daily interaction the student craves....but allows a teacher to teach. Some examples: we have a student who collects the recycling (white paper) from a few classrooms and brings it to the recycle bin. He is supervised by the janitor...or an available ed assistant. (Usually one person every week.) Another job is taking down chairs in the art rooms, or the music rooms...or the younger student classrooms. The student gets a chance to connect with an adult and be a helper at the same time....and it is good to use as leverage too - kids who don't do homework can't go to their job until their work is done...kind of thing. Another job is putting up the flag and taking it down every day - pretty important....we have 2 kids doing this. Another job is the PE Helper...every morning, they go see the pe teacher to see what she needs done...for set up....and if she doesn't have anything for them to do, she supervises as they throw hoops together...monitoring, but there if they need to talk...another job is delivering office notes to certain teachers....students get a friendly smile from many different adults, and feel important. When they don't come for whatever reason, the person they are helping will comment on it the next day, making them aware they were missed. Lots more, but my fingers are tired!

    Good luck--Amy

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