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    falling apart
    By Teach 5

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    I have a similar child in my class. ADD, no meds. I try to give her a few minutes of one on one after giving directions to everyone else or she just panics. I am working on weaning her off that time by including other people at that time & by increasing the time span between one on one times. She is a twin & I've have also made her twin stop helping her, telling them both that she can do it on her own. I am also signing her planner at noon & at end of day. This is to let her parents know if she has forgotten items at home or in her locker. Her parents have set-up an award system for her at home, so all I have to do is sign her planner. I also check her bookbag at the end of the day to be sure she has everything.
    I would try to use that one on one time as a reward for your student, he sounds a little needier than mine, maybe his desk could be by yours or closer to where you work with groups or something. That proximity might be nice for him.
    Good luck!

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