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    not moving up
    By Susan/IN

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    I, too, know how frustrating this can be. Last year we had 2 students who never got past a level 3 all year and both had Reading Recovery (I was one of the boys' RR teacher). Needless to say both were going to repeat, although one moved so I don't know what ever happened to him. The other started off feeling quite confident but now has reverted back to old ways. We have done a number of pupil assistance team meetings, and finally is going to be tested. There could be so many reasons - speech, low IQ, vision, attention problems...these are all things we are trying to rule out. One thing you might try with some of your students. Have them write (or dictate to you if they can't write all the words) their own stories. We originally started off with 3 boys who had had Reading Recovery, but couldn't get past those first levels. One, though, loved to tell stories, so he "wrote" his own books with our help and this kind of spurred him on. He is repeating this year and doing pretty good and feels so much more confident. I think we just have to keep trying different puzzle pieces in different combinations until we come up with something that works. Don't give up; you're not alone.

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