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    Morning Meeting/Friday Forum
    By nuhusker98

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    Hi there...boy, what you are going through sounds a lot like what I had last year. Because of scheduling, I only had one day a week where we could have a class meeting. I called it our Friday Forum. We had an agenda each week, where students could suggest meeting items. A topic had to be submitted before the meeting to be discussed at that week's meeting. I had a jar in the back of the room where students could write items for the meeting without having everyone know that it was their idea or problem to discuss. Usually, Friday morning, I would put all the meeting agenda items on a large chart paper, and if anyone wanted to add anything during the day on Friday, they could write it on the chart paper.

    I acted as the mediator during the meeting, but the students actually ran the meeting. If they needed a gambit to reply I might suggest something, but I rarely added my opinions unless I was asked.

    On days when we didn't have a ton of agenda items, we did appreciations, where one student would draw out the name of another student and tell him or her one reason they appreciated them in the classroom.

    Our meetings really helped to build a stong sense of community in the classroom while also giving kids problem solving skills so they could handle problems on their own.

    Good luck with your meetings! They do work wonders!

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