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    lesson plans
    By phoebe611

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    I HAVE to do my lesson plans at home. It's about the only time I have to myself to sit quietly and actually get anything done. My planning period is a 35 minute slot when the kids are at p.e. However, my planning period is always taken up with checking and responding to my school email, starting students on make up work/tests, etc., grading a few papers if I'm lucky (I usually grade at home), going by the office to check my mailbox, and oh yeah, using the restroom my one time a day at school. :p

    Seriously, there is never enough time to get it all in. When I do my lesson plans I sit down and do a chapter/unit at a time. We are fortunate to be able to use books with the little square boxes that nothing fits in. This makes it easier to keep plans simple and to the point. By doing a chapter at a time, I usually am able to do 2 to 3 weeks so I can concentrate on other things. If I don't get to something I just draw an arrow to it for the next day or week.

    I do commend you for keeping your personal time yours and not working, but I enjoy teaching and planning new things to do, so it feels like more of a hobby than work when doing my plans. It also helps that I only have to plan for 3 subjects since we are departmentalized. Is there a way that you can do your plans on a computer so next year they are already there, just print them out? I have also heard of teachers who help each other plan. For example if there are three 5th grade teachers, one teacher does the plans for one week, the next teacher does the plans for the next week and so on. Or, one teacher plans for science, one does the plans for reading, etc. and all share the same basic plans. Good luck and just try to find what works best for you.

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