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    b's and d's
    By Eydie

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    When I teach my first graders to write these letters I talk about the word "door" which begins with the d sound, so when we write the letter d we think about opening the door. To open the door you first turn the knob....draw the round knob and then open the door...draw the straight down stroke. As they practice the d they whisper to themself, "first the doorknob then the door".
    The letter b we talk about "baseball" which begins with the b sound. When they write the b we talk about how to play baseball. First you swing the bat...draw the straight line down (that's the bat) then hit the ball......draw the round part. As they practice writing the letter b they whisper, "First the bat and then the ball" After hearing and writing it enough throughout the year, most don't have the reversal when I send them to second! Hope this can help!;)

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