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    By Cathy-Dee

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    Wow 32 Grade 1's :eek: I won't complain about my 28 grade 3's now!

    I taught grade 1 for the past 10 years and I did have some chatty groups. I do think change and keeping it interesting and almost like a game or challenge is often the easiest route to go.

    During centers I like to play music - I remind them that if they can't hear the music they are being too loud. We also practice a lot during the first week with quiet (whispering voices) vs. outside voices. I think when they practice it over and over they begin to just use those quiet voice more automatically.

    A noise maker (as the other poster described) is a good attention getter as well as reminder.

    The mystery students is great for many areas - walking in line quietly, etc.,

    What I have also done in the past during centers is to shut down a center after the second warning. If it is a center that is popular they tend to be much better behaved when I bring it out for a second try the next day.

    Have fun and don't let them wear you out! :p

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