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    talkative 1st graders
    By teach first

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    I had a VERY talkative group last year. This year's group likes to talk, but so far have been better about not talking every single second (knock on wood)! Any way, I use several different methods to quiet my talkers and it seems to work pretty well. First, thing I try is counting in a firm voice. My kids know the second they here me say "one" that voices are off. Also, I have a call bell that I ring if my group is too loud. The bell (which I just purchased this year) has worked wonderful so far! If individual kids are talking after I have given my warning, they have their behavior chart on their desk X'd for "I know when to be quiet." Each X they get is worth 5 minutes of lost recess and it also goes home at the end of the week for parents to see how they have behaved in class. I have more things I do, but right now can't seem to think. If I can remember more, I will post again.

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