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    capitals and periods
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I try quite a few things, but there are still kids who seem to always forget. I had one girl who was repeating first grade from last year, she capitalizes her T's, no matter where they are in sentences. It drives me crazy.

    Some of the things that I do that seem to click with some of the kids.

    - I make punctuation and sentences part of my spelling tests starting in December. They get marks for the capital and the ending punctuation (period or question mark)

    - We use a program called Companion reading that emphasizes punctuation.

    - I circle all lower case first letters and where ending punctuation should be. Then they have to make the necessary corrections. They don't like doing corrections so this does make them more conscious of what they are doing.

    - I remind them 10 times a day.

    But it is hard it seems for them to always remember automatically.

    I'd love to hear more ideas myself.

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