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    tests and assessment
    By Cathy-Dee

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    It can be difficult at times to come up with "marks" and tests for younger students. I find it frustrating to have to take the test scores and then fit them into our report marking system. We mark from a 1 to 5 basis, but I like to use percentages on some of my tests. And basically in many ways my marking and assessment is based on my experience as a teacher and on how others assess in our division and in the province.

    I do a number of tests.
    I do give spelling tests - I give tests based on word families and basic spelling words. I find they really help the students learn vowel sounds, blends, etc., and it does improve their overall writing.
    I give phonic tests based on the workbooks I use. I usually give a test at the end of each unit.
    I do reading tests - where I have the children read from leveled books to me - this is more for me to write comments and to have a good idea of how they are reading and how they are progressing. I like to do these as often as possible.
    At this time of year I will be giving a series of mini-comprehension tests similar to our year end reading test. This is where they either read a short passage and answer questions or do vocabular tests.
    We write at least 3 to 4 stories each year - I mark these based on a rubric that follows our provincial writing rubrics. I also mark other writing that they do.
    This is the main part of my assessment. I do other assessments as well during the year, beginning and middle I check each student on their letter names and sounds. I do sight word tests. And I'm forever writing comments on how they are doing in my notes.

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