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    By Julianne

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    Here are a few things I've done with kindergarten and first grade:

    - read books about different careers. Your school library should have some.
    - make a book showing different careers. Each child drew what their mom or dad did, then added a line that said, "Mom is a doctor." or "Dad is a pilot." We put the book in our classroom library and we're still reading it.
    - create role-playing opportunities for different careers. We've role-played vets, grocery checkers, waiters, cooks, postal employees, etc. by creating a rotating center in our room where these roles can be enacted. For instance, we had a post office set up for the month of February.
    - do a phone or Internet interview with someone you would otherwise not be able to talk to. You could try to e-mail or phone your local politicians to see if any of them would talk to your class over the phone or in an Instant Message setting on the Internet. I've done phone interviews and had people e-mail us, I've never done IM.
    - read the want ads to see what kinds of jobs are available. Highlight jobs that sound interesting and discuss what kinds of things a person would have to do to be able to get that job.

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