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    counting money
    By Julianne

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    I'm teaching my first graders this skill right now. Three things that have helped are:

    1. We made a set of charts using interactive writing. Each has a large coin taped to it. They say "This is a penny. It is worth one cent. We count pennies by ones." Ditto for a dime and a nickel. We refer to these charts often.

    2. I remind them each time we count money to start with the most valuable coin first. Because our curriculum requires us to only go up to a dime, we call it a dynamite dime - because it's worth so much more than a nickel.

    3. I made a set of baggies with different groups of coins. I have the students count each group right through the bag with myself or another helper. Counting real coins is more fun. At the end of the unit those that can correctly count each bag get 30 cents in coins to keep.

    Let me know if something else works good for you.

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