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    Dr. Seuss
    By Connie Dougherty

    Clip to ScrapBook
    McElligot's Pool: Read the story with the students, have them cut out a fish from a pattern and decorate it as creatively as they would like or time allows, hangs these is a soccer net out in the hallway

    Yertle the Turtle: Have the students draw a picture of what a turtle would look like without a shell, have them write about how it might feel

    The book about the zoo (title ?): Have the students draw one animal made by 2 different animal parts, then cover with a black outline frame and black bars made of construction paper to make it look like it is in a cage, have them write about the animal giving important facts

    Have the students come to school dressed up in their favorite Dr. Seuss character.

    The Cat in the Hat: Have the students write about a story when they are at home on a rainy day and explain what they would do

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