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    By Carol

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    Dear Patty,
    I am a speech/language pathologist in a 3-5 intermediate school. My 3rd grade groups decided that they wanted to do a vocabulary unit on occupations. Each student had to interview an adult about their job - what did they do, where did they work, what 'tools of the trade' did they use. Each student had to present his occupation to the rest of the class.

    The students then learned to use a digital camera to take pictures of each other. These pictures were inserted into Powerpoint along with graphics depicting job sites, workers and 'tools of the trade'. The students then recorded and inserted their voices into our 'living book'. The basic framework of the books was:

    Slide 1: (Student picture and voice) "When I grow up I could be....."

    Slide 2: (Picture of farmer/student's voice) "...a farmer and grow food for people all over the world."

    Slide 3: (Picture of farm/student's voice) "If I were a farmer, I would work on a farm."

    Slide 4: (Pictures of tractor, plow, hoe/student's voice) "If I were a farmer, I would need a tractor, plow, and hoe."

    Each student got to work on their 4 slides depicting their occupation. They got to animate the text and graphics and record their own voices. Through this unit, the students learned to use powerpoint and a digital camera; had an opportunity to practice interviewing techniques and public speaking skills; and were exposed to new experiences and lots of new vocabulary. When the 'living book' was completed, we burned it onto a CD along with a Powerpoint reader and the the students took turns sharing it with their classes and families. They were so excited about the finished product!!

    We are now working on a 'living book' depicting the life of a Civil War soldier with my 5th grade language students. This ties in with our 5th grade social studies curriculum.

    (*One tip, I generally do multimedia searches on the internet to find graphics/videos/midis requested by the students and save them in a file the students use when compiling their slides. Searching for appropriate pictures/videos is very time consuming and I don't want to spend valuable class time doing it.)

    Good luck with your project! I just learned Powerpoint this year and love it!

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