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    By jackie

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    You must have read my mind with your question! This is my first year teaching and I am very concerned about reading. Most of my students are not ready to start any type of formal reading yet (still working on letters and sounds.) Any information that you find and can pass on my way would be greatly appreciated!!!! Even how you manage whole group with a variety of abilty levels would be fantastic. As for sending home things, I send home a personalized set of sight words on the weekends to be returned on Monday. The parents are more than welcome to take them home during the week (I only have a few that do mind you)As to date I have only needed to replace one set of words because they were lost. If they are forgotten I remind the student and send a letter home. In my room these words are not manditory to learn. I just sent home a guilty letter explaining what a jump start a parent can give their child by spending a few mins. a night. My policy is that I will replace the words once. After that I will send home a list of the words and it is up to the parents to make another list. I would try sending home the words/books. It can't hurt and if you have parent volunteers it shouldn't take a lot of time.

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