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    bathroom trips
    By miquell

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    I have kindergarten with 23 students, 9 girls and 14 boys. In our school the policy does not allow any kindergarten student to use the bathrooms alone or in twos we must go with the "whole classroom". this is done for safety purposes which I agree but it is very difficult to be in the middle of a lesson and someone has to go. in the begining it was terrible. Students were constantly having to go and many were just playing around! I gave them a date on the calendar and told them by this time everyone had to make sure they tried to use the bathroom in the morning and before lunch and during lunch. If someone decides to play around and not use or try to use the bathroom and then later interupts the class "they" lose the time the whole class took to go down stairs to the bathroom. This is begining to work and the are now begining to see the valueable time they lose durining their free time. But there little ones need to get use to this schedule it will happen.

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