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    By jem

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    Graph your favorite cookies. Of course, make chocolate chip cookies! You can make cookie the variety bag of sandwich cookies ..or other types ( wafers for instance) and encourage children to make patterns. ....Chocolate vanilla chocolate vanilla.... Make cookie math games, counting the number of chocolate chips in each cookie manipulative. Or put a numeral on each cookie and have the kids put the right number of chocolate chips on the cookies.

    Also, since Cookie's Week is about the days of the week, do many activities about week days. My children put mixed up letter cards in order to spell the day each day. Sing many Days of the Week songs.. Including the Addam's Family version and the one that has to do with food..Today is Monday, Monday chicken all you lucky children,,, ( Dr. Jean Feldman's cd's contain both of these.)

    I will be checking back for other suggestions because i would be interested in other ideas as well!

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