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    cheap manipulatives
    By jem

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    I have lots of manipulatives that we sort, count, make sets with,graph, pattern etc..

    Erasers in various shapes( hearts, stars, bugs..)
    Mixed nuts (with the shells still on)
    Beans.. like from 16 bean soup dry mix.. or spray painted limas
    Spray painted rocks
    shaped sponges
    small toys such as dinosaurs, cowboys,insects, astronauts that come in tubs , jars or packages
    diecut shapes
    sea shells
    plastic beads or gems
    match box cars
    Kid's meal toys
    Mardi Gras necklaces
    stickers on cards..laminated
    felt board pieces
    jingle bells
    colored craft sticks
    small balls
    rings.. I cut the ring part off of bat and spider rings, for instance
    colored cotton balls
    milk jug lids is or place stickers on them
    craft buttons
    pom-pom balls
    decorative soaps
    small cake decorating pieces..babies, musical instruments etc..

    The possibilities are endless. I keep an eye open for clearance items, garage sales etc..

    At craft stores, buy garlands of acorns, leaves, candy etc.. and cut apart to make manipulatives. Buy after a holiday on sale and save for the next year!

    Buy party favors on sale, too.

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