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    By Dee

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    I am also wondering about my kinders. I guess I expected them to already know how to write their names, or at least recognize them. Sadly, about 10 of them can't write them and a handful can't even recognize them. Shame on the parents for not working with their children. My niece is almost three and she knows the whole alphabet, counts to 15, knows shapes and colors, and can make the letter S. (her name is Sydney) Too bad she is higher than some 5 year olds. One boy in particular is not ready for school at all, but his parents are blind to this. He was 5 in January, but he has no social skills, can't write, recognize or copy any letters, including his name, he was asked to draw a picture of a person, and he just scribbled, which is how he "writes" also. If a three-four year old can make pictures of people that have legs and arms coming out of the head, and he can't even do that, he is way behind. He is developmentally about like a two or three year old. Any suggestions anyone may have about any of this, especially how to talk to his parents about keeping him out another year, would be awesome. Thanks!

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