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    By Mariam

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    Hmm, one hint is snack. Not sure if you provide it and what type you serve, but Muslims do not eat pork. Some may avoid eating meat outside of the home also. Secondly, there is an issue I find with male/female interactions. I have several children telling me that they can't sit/talk/play with children of the opposite sex. I however, being Arab myself, have never heard of this. I tell my children that in school, it's okay to have friends that are boys and friends that are girls. Finally, during the month of Ramadan (falls end of Nov this year) many of my 5/6 year olds tell me that they too are fasting and will not eat snack. Being that they are so young, they are not required to fast. I tell them that their bodies are still growing and they need to eat their snack. If the situation comes up another day, I tell them that will ask their mother if she knows they are fasting, normally this does the trick.
    If there's anything else you need, let me know!

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