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    By connie

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    I know by now you are already finish with your unit--but here are some actities that ight hlep you--next time.... I do this unit at the beginning of the year- so my activities are rather simple

    turn housekeeping center into a recycling center--have a several tubs for the children to sort plastic,newspaper and etc--I put a clipboad with paper ( with picutes) for them to record how many of each they had

    I bring in a large bag of trash(which I had packed) and we sort out the items that we could reusue, recycle and reduce

    We do a short short short play for the other classes----I use the text from --If a Tree Could Talk--the children use a large size of tagboard (with a hole cut out for their face) and paint animals heads, plants, sky, water and etc --they use this as a prop for they play example---A group of children paint trees on their "puppet head poster" and say--"If a tree could talk, he would say--Don't shop me down--just walk away"

    each child displays a project done at home at our play--it is something that they made from trash and we sing a couple of songs--we call ourselves the Green Team --we make recycle paper

    in computer lab--we use kid's pix and they draw the earth and use the paint bucket to paint it blue and green and then stamp out MY HOME

    we wash rock--for some reason they love it

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